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Mercurial to git repository in windows

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Holy crap this is hard.  I wanted to move some of my open source projects from bitbucket (Mercurial) to github and it was a lot more difficult than I expected.  The really tricky part was getting the ssh auth stuff correct.  Here is my step-by-step before I forget.

First I had to set up the hg-git plugin for mercurial but that wasn’t too bad I followed these steps to get it to work however I have python installed so I just installed dulwich normally.  Then I needed to find out how to use it and I found something on stackoverflow to fill my need.  This actually did exactly what I wanted and this command works perfectly.  I got a little caught up trying to get the ssh to work though.  You have to follow these steps to create a key (FYI the clip command doesn’t work) but in order for this to work on windows you’re going to have to load that key into puttygen and convert it to a .ppk file. Next load the converted key into pageant so that windows will remember it. Finally hg-git should convert the repository.

It seems so simple to have it all written out like this, I hope this saves someone a few hours of their life.

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